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Trudi Sully

PrefabNZ CEO Scott Fisher interviews Trudi Sully


Gaynor Tennant

PrefabNZ Life Member and founder of PrefabNZ Pamela Bell will chat at depth with Gaynor Tennant and take audience questions.


Sustainability Panel Discussion

Victoria University Lecturer Guy Marriage heads the power-house panel with Andrew Eagles (NZGBC), Dr Chanjief Chndrakumar, and Elrond (Passive House)


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Conference Recordings [podcast] of LIVE conference day interviews, panel discussions and round-table discussions.

As they become available, recordings from the LIVE conference day will be posted here as convenient podcasts for you to listen to at your leisure. Any presentations referred to in the interviews can be found above in the On-Demand Library.

Wade McAuley interviews
Patrick Dougherty
Lauren Christie interviews
Gaynor Tennant
Leah Singer interviews
Trudi Sully
Toni Kennerley leads the Innovation panel with Patrick Dougherty, John Sneyd and Richard Quin
Leah Singer chats with Dr Eric Crampton at a round table session
Round table discussion featuring
John Sneyd
Toni Kennerley chats with Jamie Kissock at a round table session
Round table discussion with 
Samantha McNaughton
Scott Fisher interviews
Danny Forster
Scott Fisher interviews
Dr Eric Crampton
Leah Singer leads the Workforce panel with Warwick Quinn, Amanda Nicolle and Samantha McNaughton
Guy Marriage chats with Danny Forster at a round table session
Round table discussion featuring
Jeff Fahrensohn
Round table discussion featuring
Nick Sterling and Conrad Lendrum
Round table discussion with 
Guy Shaw
Round table discussion with 
Sam Archer
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